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Wilk Stove Ltd. excels at customer service, dedication to providing the best products available in the Hearth Industry and customizing retrofit fireplaces to give our clients what they want while working within the constraints of safe installation practices. Warming Greater Victoria and surrounding areas, including the Gulf Islands, for over 30 years, local, family operated Wilk Stove has built our reputation on providing superior wood and gas installations. Our experienced, knowledgeable staff are happy to work with architects, designers, contractors and homeowners to achieve the overall desired effect.

Industry News

Burn Wise Program of U.S. EPA.
Burn the right wood, the right way, in the right wood-burning appliance. Did you know that by changing the way you burn wood you can save money, reduce air pollution and protect your health? Here are a few tips to make your fire burn hotter, keep your wallet fatter and keep your local air cleaner and healthier.

  • Season all firewood.
    All firewood should be split, securely covered or stored, and aged for at least six months. Seasoned wood burns hotter, cuts fuel consumption and reduces the amount of smoke your appliance produces.
  • Choose the right firewood.
    Hardwoods are the best. Never burn trash or treated wood which can emit toxic air pollutants.
  • Start it right.
    Use only clean newspaper or dry kindling to start a fire. Never use a gasoline, kerosene, charcoal starter, or a propane torch.
  • Don't let the fire smolder.
    Many people think they should let a fire smolder overnight. But reducing the air supply does little for heating and increases air pollution.
  • Clean ashes from your wood-burning appliance.
    Excess ashes can clog the air intake vents reducing efficiency. Be sure to dispose of ashes in a metal container away from the house or any flammable material to reduce the risk of fire.
  • Keep your chimney clean.
    A clean chimney provides good draft for your wood-burning appliance and reduces the risk of a chimney fire. Have a WETT certified professional inspect your chimney once a year.
  • Be a good neighbor.
    Follow best practices for burning wood. Always remember to comply with national and local codes and check your local air quality forecast.
  • Follow instructions.
    Operate your wood-burning appliance according to the manufacture's instructions and follow all maintenance procedures.
  • Upgrade to cleaner equipment.
    EPA-certified wood stoves and fireplace inserts burn cleaner and burn wood more efficiently emitting less particle pollution than older models.
  • Size matters.
    Choose the right-sized appliance for your needs. If your wood-burning appliance is too big for your room or house, the fuel will smolder and create more air pollution.
  • For more information on how to burn wise, go to

    Article written and distributed from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

    Environmental Aspect

    Did you know that a tree-decomposing in the forest emits the same amount of carbon dioxide into the air as burning that same tree in an efficiently burning woodstove? Further, it is good to know that when the tree is felled it gives room for a new plant, and the process can be repeated.

    Most natural and propane gas systems in our showroom are ultra-efficient, operating with direct vent technology a closed combustion system that takes its combustion air from outside the home and then exhausts products of combustion directly outside, Intermittent Pilot Ignition choose between electronically igniting a pilot light before the burner every time you ignite your natural or propane gas appliance or allowing the pilot light to stand and wait to turn it on and zone heating your home allows you to heat just the room(s) you are using.

    No matter which fuel you decide to use Wilk Stove is environmentally conscious and will help to guide you to the product of your needs and choice.

    Community Involvement

    Wilk Stove Ltd. proudly supports the community by providing support toward fundraising efforts such as the Hospital Burn Fund, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, Movember, Canadian Firefighters, Hot lunches for children in school that cannot afford food, Community schools, Community sports programs, War Amps, Shriners and colouring book at the Victoria General Hospital.


    Hi Kelly,

    "I wanted to say thank you for your help with George's gas stove, a... of your crew did a wonderful job here. I know they will be happy with it once they move into their new place."

    Thank you very much for your excellent service with the installation of my gas line and stove. I think you did an awesome job and I love it.

    Sandy B.

    "I Just had to say that, after we waited impatiently for our gas line to be installed, Russ and Ryan came by this week to install our gas fireplace, and they were nothing but professional, detailed gents who braved ridiculously torrential rain and the confines of a tine crawlspace, along with adapting well to a little measuring curve ball thrown at them. They explained everything along the way to us curious homeowners, provided options, and left the place pristine, with the added detail of a beautiful fireplace. They were fantastic and a perfect reflection of Kelly's attitude and the great treatment we've received any time we've been in. Go Wilk! =)"

    Bud. R

    I was in your store today and said I would send you this note. We had your company come out and look at our old stove. We discussed all options either wood or gas with Deighton and he went out of his way to come up with a solution for our difficulties. Then the day of installation, it was done on time and the young men were very helpful and worked hard to make sure that everything was completed to our satisfaction. It was a great job and the fellows were very pleasant and conscientious. Thanks again,

    Joan. F

    "Please pass along our sincere thanks to Kelly and Deighton for their time coming out to our cabin on Sidney Island yesterday. We are delighted to have our propane stoves up and working again!....Once again, many thanks to you for arranging this service call and for Kelly being so willing to help us out with our service needs to our cabin. We are aware that it is not routine for Wilk Stoves to provide after service and appreciate that consideration is given due to our remote location"

    Cheers, Janice. M

    Thanks for helping us decide on the fireplaces (1gas, 1 electric) that we ordered from your company. Now that they are in place, they look great! We will be very pleased with them for a very long time. Thanks for the helpful service from your installation technicians Deighton and Russ. There were a couple of issues to work through and everything was done competently, cheerfully and according to schedule. They made sure everything was done to full satisfaction before heading off to their next assignment, and provided some useful tips for future operation, cleaning and servicing. We had high expectations and you and your team exceeded them. Thanks again,

    Yours truly, MJ. M

    Thank you so much for your understanding, workmanship and customer service. You have gone above and beyond helping me when needed. Had little to do with money, But faith for fellow man

    Thanks, Jeanine B